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Sitedrive releases

Sitedrive Release 05/2020 – Views

Author: Anni Hirvonen
Published: 21.5.2020

Changes you make in one view show in all of the views.

Gantt for daily schedule management, team-specific for meetings. Work in any view and see the changes in all of them – see below!

Switching between views

In Sitedrive, you can work in various views such as gantt, team or location-specific swimlanes or the highly improved flowline view. Changes you make in one view show in all of the views.

Video: Views in 1 minute

Flowline renewal

The flowline view has been completely renewed for massively improved usability. You can now easily filter lines by, for example, location or task. You can also set the visual appearance of the lines, and show them, for example, as ascending or descending lines or areas.

Video: Working in the flowline view

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