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Caverion Fira Smart Collaboration

Caverion and Fira Smart develop digital situational awareness

Author: Anni Hirvonen
Published: 4.3.2021

Caverion Finland, which offers e.g. MEP (mechanical, electrical & plumbing) services and know-how in planning, assembly, repairs and building maintenance, has started a pilot project to develop its processes in the production planning and the related digital solutions for leading with data, in collaboration with Fira Smart.

Meeting the schedule and quality requirements in a construction project are typically seen as the responsibility of the main contractor. Caverion Finland, however, sees this a shared issue for the sub- and main contractors, and so the company started to develop production planning and the situational awareness based on data, for the needs of building services and MEP works. As Fira Group, that also Fira Smart is a part of, has developed know-how on construction intelligence for years, the close collaboration between the two companies led into partnership that is beneficial for both.

”Forming situational awareness from the sites by digital means has been at the center of our project business for a while. It is great how aligned our thoughts were with Fira and we started to develop the shared situational awareness from projects that serve also the MEP sector,” says Senior VP Riku Mandelin from Caverion.

Fira Group CFO Kimmo Kärkkäinen ads: “The modernization projects together with Caverion and Fira have seen a high customer satisfaction thanks to the schedules and budgets that hold. The shared schedule planning has played a significant role in these successes. We are very excited about the opportunity to take these learnings together for a broader use.“

The goal of the collaboration is to raise the know-how at Caverion on schedule planning and production management, and to introduce new, aligned tools and practices for the MEP contracting so that their use can be expanded on in the future. The results of the development will be tested on-site in early 2021. The site schedules are managed with the Fira Sitedrive software, and the data collected from the management processes is gathered into data dashboards that can be viewed also through Sitedrive. This allows the company to easier follow up in real-time how the new practices are taken to use on the site, and how the planned schedule corresponds with the realization.

Developing situational awareness is expected to bring back significant benefits, and there’s an expectation to hear more about the findings of the pilot as well as the opportunities created by the use of data during spring 2021.

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