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Sitedrive release 04/2021 – Several schedules

Author: Anni Hirvonen
Published: 14.4.2021

The project and schedule structure of Sitedrive has been renewed so that from now on, a project can contain several schedules. This makes it possible to manage all the various schedules of a construction project or site under the same entity.

Also the Sitedrive front page that lists all the projects, has seen a change. A project no longer has a start date, but instead, it’s defined for each schedule. The schedules open on their own tabs when they have been set as visible. If there are a lot of visible schedules, the rest are organized in the Other schedules list.

Favorite projects and schedule categories

Projects can be now marked as favorites. This allows for each user to mark his or her most used projects so that they’re easy to find, after which they are shown top-most on the front page.

It’s also possible to define schedule categories to allow selecting whether a schedule is for overall planning, weekly planning, phase planning, etc. The category is set for each schedule when creating it. The administrator defines the available categories, and they can be used, for example, in various inter-system data integrations.

Publishing in the mobile app

For each schedule, you can select whether it’s shown in the mobile application. The selection is done in the project dashboard. For example, tasks from a higher level general schedule are often preferred excluded from the mobile, since they would only mostly cause confusion there.

Changes in the dashboard

The dashboard is now for the project, that is, each schedule no longer has a separate one. All the schedules included in a project are shown on the left side of the dashboard. This list has a fixed location, meaning you can’t customize it like other dashboard widgets.

Some of the widgets have also seen minor changes. For example, the PPC (Percent Plan Complete) widget that shows the schedule completion rate and some other widgets have a selection for which schedule of the project the content is shown for. If you want to see the content for several schedules, you can add the same widget to the dashboard several ties, and select a suitable schedule for each. This way, you can show, for example, the PPC in the dashboard for general and weekly schedules at the same time.

Merging projects

As until now, each project has contained only one schedule, it’s recommended to merge existing projects so that the schedules of the same construction site are under the same project.

Access permissions are project-specific. When merging projects, each user gets the permissions to the merged project according to the project that had the most allowing permissions. This means that if a user had edit permissions to one project but not the other, and these projects are merged, the user then has edit permissions to both. Similarly, when a person is invited to a schedule with view permissions, let’s say a plumber foreman to view a weekly schedule, he or she sees all the schedules of the project, as well as the dashboard, but can’t make any edits.

User instructions and videos

Also the Sitedrive User Manual and the visual quick guide handouts have been updated to match the renewal. Log into Sitedrive and open help (? icon at the top) to download them!

In addition, you’ll find the videos embedded on this page, as well as some earlier Sitedrive videos in YouTube.

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