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Future engineers start learning Sitedrive at school

Author: Jonas Meling
Published: 27.4.2021

Students have reacted positively to Fira Smart and Metropolia’s collaboration, which started in 2019, that is focused on the Schedule and Work Planning course. Courses have already been held twice, with plans to continue collaboration based on positive rewievs.

The Schedule and Work Planning course is designed for engineering and HVAC college students. During 2020 and 2021, Customer Success Specialist Tuomas Hakulinen and CTO Otto Alhava lectured on change in the construction industry and educated students on how to use Fira Sitedrive.

“It is critical that we change our processes and patterns of activity, as well as recognize flaws, since the change that lies ahead of us in the near future will radically shape construction,” Alhava says. He also discusses the second wave of application exploitation, in which advanced businesses use time management apps. According to Alhava, it is obvious that supply chain management applications are starting to gain traction at sites.

Warm reception from students

The 85 students, who attended the course, gave positive rewievs, and many found learning about Sitedrive beneficial. Hakulinen hopes that Sitedrive and Fira Smart will become part of engineer training in the future. “When students graduate, it will be important for them to be aware of the most recent developments and the current state of the industry. After all, they are the next generation who, when we retire, will take over the jobs,” he concludes.

Students see that Sitedrive software’s greatest advantage is that contractors can see their own projects, complete them, and, if appropriate, report items through Sitedrive. Overall, they found it fascinating to learn how schedules are created and how crucial it is to comprehend the interdependencies of working stages.

“I haven’t done any contracting, and I also don’t know how to set up the work stages as they should be at the site. However, I learned the most about the location and dependencies of all the work stages in this course,” one student says. Another student sums up the course by saying, “I learned to use Sitedrive vey quickly because of its ease of use

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