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Sitedrive Takt now commercially available – Boost up your production performance by 50%

Author: Sari Leinonen
Published: 31.5.2022

The Sitedrive Takt is a production scheduling solution, which has attracted widespread international interest among construction companies. We are pleased to announce that it is now commercially available worldwide. The Takt scheduling solution was developed in conjunction with Skanska, as Takt production is a rapidly increasing production method in the construction industry, and the benefits of industrialized production are widely recognized. We call the solution the Sitedrive Takt and the traditional scheduling module is named the Sitedrive Plan. The Takt functionality is activated on a per-customer basis and it is licensed. Join the other forerunners in the industry now and contact our Sales team for more details!

Digital Takt production in a nutshell

Takt production optimize resources usage, reduces lead times and improves the production quality.

Genuinely loveable and real-life proof solutions for the construction industry can only be made in close collaboration with the people operating at sites.

The new Sitedrive Takt solution is a tool for moving towards more industrialized production on site. It comes with a production execution leadership model that changes the ways of work at construction sites. In addition, it enables effective communications and a social network between the production crew, across the chain of command.

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