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Sitedrive Oy strengthens its technology expertise and team through a business acquisition

Author: Anni Hirvonen
Published: 2.5.2023

Flow Technologies Oy has acquired the business of Kulmakerroin Oy. The estimation and project scheduling solution developed by Kulmakerroin will be integrated into the offering of its fully owned construction technology company Sitedrive Oy.

Sitedrive provides data driven solutions for managing construction projects. The integration of Kulmakerroin’s innovative data model and algorithms into Sitedrive’s construction management platform will provide significant added value to customers. As part of the business acquisition, Kulmakerroin’s owners Henri Ahoste and Jussi Engblom have joined Sitedrive’s team and bring valuable expertise in developing digital solutions for the construction industry.

– The expertise from Kulmakerroin’s business acquisition helps to improve Sitedrive’s scheduling product algorithms and functionalities. With their knowledge, more accurate and efficient algorithms can be developed that are able to produce schedules faster and with less errors, says Sitedrive’s CTO Henri Hovi.

Incorporating Kulmakerroin’s solution into Sitedrive’s platform enables an even more powerful way to create production plans for construction projects. A “digital twin” model of the building can provide customers with a reliable automatically calculated schedule, as well as a bill of quantities attached to production tasks. For customers, this means a significant reduction in manual work and simplification of production planning.

The service further enables the collection of increasingly precise data on construction projects and their various stages. The accumulated data ensures that processes are less dependent on individuals and over all design accuracy increases. Automation ensures that schedules and bill of quantities remain up-to-date as the design progresses and production situations change. The user always receives accurate information about the future as well as the biggest pain points.

– A few years ago, my business partner and I identified that the industry needed technology that would remove complexity from scheduling and help integrate scattered information about the building production process. Flow Technologies and Sitedrive have been industry leaders, and it was easy to see that our vision for the future aligns perfectly with theirs. I am very happy that we can now bring our solution to construction sites, says Henri Ahoste.

With the business acquisition, Henri Ahoste will join Sitedrive as a product owner for scheduling products and will bring his construction industry expertise to Sitedrive’s site-based thinking. Jussi Engblom will bring his data and analytics expertise to Sitedrive and strengthen the team’s knowledge in AI and ML.

About Flow Technologies Oy:

Flow Technologies Oy is a company focused on the development of the construction industry, with the goal of taking the construction industry towards industrial production. Flow Technologies focuses on developing and bringing top-notch construction expertise to the market through its portfolio companies (Sitedrive Oy, Flow Modules Oy, Fira Oy), in close collaboration with leading construction companies, specialty suppliers, and equipment suppliers.

About Sitedrive Oy:

Sitedrive Oy is a technology company that focuses on bringing the construction industry towards industrialized construction. Sitedrive software, created with a construction site centric mindset, facilitates the planning, execution, and communication between different parties involved in construction projects. With over 70 clients, more than 300 construction sites, and 1000+ weekly users, the software has proven to shorten construction project lead times.

About Kulmakerroin Oy:

Kulmakerroin Oy has developed an automated quantity estimation and project scheduling solution based on creating an automatic “digital twin” model of the construction project and performing algorithm-based calculations. In the Kulmakerroin solution, a customer first describes the building’s spaces, which are then combined with process information to create a functional schedule enriched with quantity data. The solution enables continuous improvement of the production process and significantly reduces the complexity of scheduling from the user’s perspective.

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