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Author: Anni Hirvonen
Published: 2.12.2020

Leading with data means visualizing data on complex matters such as the numerous data sources of a construction project, to form a summary that is easy to absorb and that updates itself in real time. The data dashboards can also be customized for different needs – for example, the headquarters and site offices can have their own versions. This significantly improves situational awareness, which in turn enables making better decisions that are valuable for the business.

Data-driven business intelligence dashboards combine the company core processes, schedule management for instance, and the tools that support those processes, such as the scheduling system, Fira Siterive. Construction intelligence combines the data from the tools of different processes, and visualizes it for those who need it, how they need it.

This makes leading with data quite a complex entity, which Sakari expands on in our monthly video series. Stay tuned!

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