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Takt production and Sitedrive

Author: Sakari Pesonen
Published: 8.11.2021

On his lates vlog, Sakari Pesonen dives into Sitedrive’s features’, especially the upcoming takt production tool. The application has been developed in co-operation with Skanska and Fira Smart, and the tool has already been utilized at Skanska and Fira Oy’s construction sites. Sitedrive is, already right now, a great tool for traditional production control, and is used successfully in a vast number of projects today. With the help of upcoming takt production features, it is possible to allow production to flow and, thereby, significantly shorten lead times on construction sites.

Takt production is currently on the lips of all the main contractors – it`s no wonder! In a medium-sized project, direct and indirect costs for one working day may come to around Euro 10,000. Today’s Sitedrive is made specifically for production planning and control. That is, it is a work management tool for the main contractor with which they can perform monthly, weekly and daily planning.

Last year, we already recognized that it would be really good if Sitedrive would also support takt production – Now we are going to gain the first takt production features to Sitedrive in the near future:

  1. Ease of use! This must not become a tool solely intended for a highly trained engineer as a scheduling software, but must be suitable for everyone
  2. Co-operation – regarding takt production, i.e. how a main contractor involves subcontractors and other groups in takt production.
  3. The application will support both takt and non-takt work so that a work supervisor of a main contractor can carry them out simultaneously.

So Sitedrive is, already right now, a great tool for traditional production control, and it will be more powerful when the takt production features are introduced. So if you already want to improve your company’s production management, then enable Sitedrive, and you can gradually start to take advantage of the takt production features as well, which will surely be of interest.

If you are interested in the topic, then please get in touch with Tuomas and me.

Sakari Pesonen

Solution Sales Manager
tel: +358 40 120 7442
email: sakari.pesonen@fira.fi

tuomas hakulinen

Customer Success Specialist
tel: +358 44 529 2646
email: tuomas.hakulinen@fira.fi

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