LV-Pakki Uses Sitedrive to Plan and Monitor Their Sites with Precision

Challenge: Managing a construction site in detail using Excel is impractical, as work phases can only be displayed as lengthy lines.

Solution: With Sitedrive, Finnish construction company LV-Pakki can define work tasks and phases right down to the apartment level.

Result: Planning and monitoring work progress is now simpler than ever.

Challenge: Detailed Construction Site Management Is Unfeasible with Excel

The success of the Finnish construction company LV-Pakki stems from working with trusted contractors, ensuring steady work flow. This has ensured staying on agreed timelines has been straightforward even when directional schedules have been planned in Excel and specific work phases have been later defined informally over coffee.

However, with the rising interest in Takt scheduling and meticulous planning within the construction industry, LV-Pakki was curious about the additional benefits they could achieve.

“We began planning work phases in Excel a few years back, but soon hit its limitations. Sitedrive is a significantly more adaptable and user-friendly tool.”
– Timo Åberg, Project Manager

Solution: Sitedrive Allows Planning Down to the Apartment Level

LV-Pakki opted to test Sitedrive on a line renovation project to manage phase schedules more effectively.

Previously, work stages were outlined in Excel, presenting lengthy work phases as large, unwieldy blocks. For instance, all apartment conduits were displayed as a single line spanning an entire week.

Schedule example Excel

With Sitedrive, LV-Pakki reached greater precision in their planning: tasks within each apartment were organised into separate work stages. This made it easier to identify overlapping tasks, and planning for succeeding phases could begin as soon as one was completed.

For example, specific tasks like diamond drilling or installing water and sewage lines were promptly allocated to relevant work stages. This way diamond drilling could be booked well in advance to fit precise time slots.

Phase schedule on Sitedrive

The schedule in Sitedrive is now a weekly tool for site management, aiding in material procurement and worker scheduling.

“Sitedrive has clearly added value for us. We’re planning work stages with greater detail and arranging them more effectively. It’s also reduced the feeling of rush, as we can see each work stage has its designated time.”
– Timo Åberg, Project Manager

Result: On-Site Planning and Management Is Easier Than Ever

Sitedrive has clearly benefited LV-Pakki:

  • More detailed work planning and smarter staging of tasks are now possible.
  • Ordering materials and allocating resources can be done in advance.
  • Life of the crew is easier; everyone knows where they should be, when, and what needs to be done. They have a better overview of upcoming tasks.
  • Work stages consistently meet their specific schedules.

The more Sitedrive is used, the greater the benefits it delivers. After practise rounds, it will create a comprehensive overview and help start continuous improvement. LV-Pakki is keen to invest in this area for the future.

LV-Pakki has also contributed to Sitedrive’s evolution. They started with a beta version, and based on their feedback, Sitedrive’s development team has refined its features to ensure the tool perfectly suits its users.

”The subcontractors have also given positive feedback; it’s easier for them to track progress now. This creates constructive pressure to complete tasks on schedule, with a detailed phase schedule visible on the wall. We complete tasks as planned.”
– Timo Åberg, Project Manager

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About LV-Pakki

Founded in 1995, LV-Pakki is a family-run business specialising in line renovations and new construction projects. Their close-knit team has specific expertise in geothermal heating and hybrid projects. Their success is built on working with familiar subcontractors, avoiding overly fragmented contracts, and investing in communication and collaboration with the ultimate customer—the residents.

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