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We improve flow on the construction site

Stay ahead of your project portfolio with the Sitedrive Construction Execution system (CES) platform and the FlowHow construction methodology.

Take control of your construction flow

We pave the way from traditional, problem-ridden project business to an industrial manufacturing process. Utilize our technology, standardized methodology and construction management expertise to plan your way towards process construction.

We help our customers develop their own operating model and required capabilities so that our customers intangible assets don’t walk away with individual project managers – but instead become part of the company IPR.

Track both physical and financial readiness in real time

Manage your production in real time with data. Our standardized construction information data model allows us to combine and contextualize differen’t kinds of process data. This refined intelligence replaces assumptions and guesses as the basis for daily decision making.

Our data platform offers reliable management views for all levels of our customers organization. Sitedrive is a mobile, digital situational picture for managing a construction site and business – in your pocket.

Effortless communication and coordination between teams

We create a stress-free consturction site for all parties with results such as:

  • Up to a 50% faster construction flow
  • Zero-defect handovers
  • Easy implementation
  • A more motivated site

Sitedrive FlowHow™ methodology makes you succeed


Guide your business away from traditional project based construction and towards the benefits of industrial construction.

Measure and track business KPI’s for construction management – and ensure the profitability of your investment!


Track and manage production with real time data. Having all the needed information at your fingertips helps you stay in schedule and in budget. Define pre-requisites of work, manage exceptions, report tasks and phases and keep tabs on the entire project in one place.


No more spending hours in reporting work, clearing up miscommunications and trying to guess if work can be started on schedule. With Sitedrive both the workforce as well as the main contractors are within reach – even around the clock if need be.

Implementation and ease of use guarantee that you know what needs to be done and when. The schedule, production plan and your co-workers are always in your pocket.

Industrial construction creates flow that just works.

The FlowHow™ operating model together with the digital platform Sitedrive™ guarantee a flowing construction site with a happy crew

The journey from project construction to centralized, standardized process-led production isn’t a daunting, years-long development program. We have experience in helping our customers build the required competence and technology to transform their business rapidly from the old world to the new.

The systematic improvement of production flow makes problems visible wherever the production chain is the weakest – and once one problem is solved, we find out what the next weakness is. This is a positive feedback loop caused by improving efficiency and flow. With the Sitedrive™ CES solution you take control of the transformation.

Would you like to double your construction throughput?

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A trusted choice for professional builders

Sitedrive is used by over 2000 professionals in the Nordic countries and increasingly also in other countries.