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Team to transform construction

Team to transform construction

Cross-functionality over industries

If it takes an incredible number of skills to raise a building, it takes even more to develop how it’s done. That’s why we strongly believe in mixing and matching professionals from different backgrounds, industries and know-how. Here’s a short intro to some of them.

Construction professionals in Fira Smart team

Passionate construction professionals

Thorough industry understanding and a drive for improvement – our project managers, pioneering site engineers and other development gurus have a solid worksite experience and a proven track of improvements from project to project, site to site. These pioneers work closely with the site teams, running experimentations and gathering learnings together to ensure improvement efforts are focused on where they deliver the best gains.

Software magic makers in Fira Smart team

Software magic makers

One step further in the digitalization, this special team consists of a strong mix of programmers, designers and data scientists as well as professionals in customer experience, sales and marketing. The team develops Sitedrive’s own digital tools and helps find worksite solutions through data-driven design, growth hacking experimentation, and close cooperation with worksites of several construction companies.

Builders in Fira Smart team

Builders up for revolution

It’s clear that those who know what’s needed at the construction site are the ones who actually work there. That’s why we value tremendously the site managers, foremen and site workers who participate in our process and digital tool development. While many do it part-time, some have even joined our development teams full-time to ensure we keep the right focus – making life easier at the sites.

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