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Devices on a construction site

Our focus

Data-drive & re-thinking

Takt production by Fira Smart

Takt production

A Lean methodology at the heart of our production efficiency, where we take our learnings from the sites far beyond software.

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Standardization by Fira Smart


The systemic change requires a well-planned end-to-end flow from design to production to handover, stabilized by standardization.

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Digitalization by Fira Smart


In times that call for digital proximity, we aim to collect and make use of data both by ourselves and in collaboration with the industry.

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Piloting together

Development collaboration with a contractor


Making use of data efficiently requires standardizing how ways of working produce data. When work follows standardized processes, it improves quality, reduces errors, and shortens the lead time of construction projects. When also the data produced from the work is standardized, it can be utilized across various IT systems and from project to project. To make this easier in the very moments the data is created, introducing standardized project templates can guide the work and data production towards efficient and effortless daily practices.


Digitalization doesn’t mean just bringing software applications to construction sites. It means a thorough transformation of how the site operates, done in collaboration with all industry parties. That’s why it’s crucial to tie the site implementation of new digital tools to the know-how on how to use them. This turns digitalization into shared practices for main contractors, sub-contractors, developers – everyone from the sites all the way to the company headquarters.

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Leading with data in construction