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Leading with data in site office


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Leading with data in Fira Smart offering

Construction Intelligence

Situational awareness with visually presented, relevant data from various systems, even on-site.

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Fira Sitedrive in Fira Smart offering


Daily construction management and scheduling with efficient, digital worksite practices.

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Leading with data dashboard

Leading with data

How to utilize data?

Data itsef doesn’t create value. The value is created by bringing the real-time and centralized information for all who need it, the way they need it, allowing better and timely decision-making.

Schedule planning in Sitedrive

Producing data

How is the data created?

Nobody has time to produce data as a separate task. Instead, high-quality construction data must spring from the daily construction site operations, as if by itself. This is only possible by digitalizing the daily site management, and that’s what we created Sitedrive for.

From our customers

“Sitedrive is one of those modern tools that every site manager should have.”

Eero Hyvärinen,
Site Manager

J.Malm, a mid-sized main contractor

“Our cooperation with Sitedrive has been really smooth.”

Riku Mandelin,
Senior Vice President

Caverion Finland, a large building services company

“When I update Sitedrive, everyone sees the situation and who’s to do what.”

Alina Leppänen,
Site Manager

Fira Construction, a mid-sized main contractor

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Start a free Sitedrive trial with an introductory tutorial series to daily construction management.

Digital devices on construction site

Walking the talk

Developing industry practices takes industry know-how. That’s why our work has started from the very core of the construction industry – managing construction projects and worksites.

Industry transformation, however, needs more than one point of view to drive it. It needs professionals with various backgrounds of expertise. Our development team consists of both experienced professional builders and experts in software development, design, data analytics and customer success.

Data-driven construction site

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