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Construction Intelligence

Transparent leading with data

Data holds value

Situational awareness allows basing your management on data, not on guessing. Predictability improves and risk management gets easier. Any potential problems get noticed on time and solutions can be found in collaboration. Merging your digital tools with well-established and continuously improving processes throughout your construction project brings massive benefits for everyone involved.

Using digital tools also collects valuable data, which in turn reduces the need for separate reporting and unifies site-specific procedures. Long-term, it enables valuable, company-level learning and optimization.

Management that
produces data

When processes and the use of digital tools are aligned, high-quality data is created directly in the daily activities.


big picture

Real-time data that is gathered into centered views guides to better decision-making and prevents problems.


Data-driven construction management

situational awareness

Information is suitably available across organizational boundaries, e.g. the construction site, HQ and the customers.


best practices & high technology

Best gains from the situational awareness are reached by establishing value-producing management practices within the company. They must be supported by suitable software along with process-compliant use, since the value of data is only created through better and faster management activities.

You have various options for what to do with data

The benefits of intelligent construction management can be economically measured, for example, when looking at how project failures can be fixed up. A company of ~200M€ turnover can reach well over a million euro savings per year by investing in a well-functioning cooperation and transparent leading with data. Projects also run faster and more smoothly thanks to workhour savings from collecting data manually, as weekly preparation time for site meetings can, at best, be completely eliminated.

Change management

The main principle in our consultation and training services is having our experts working side by side with the key people in your organization. Over the years, the development work we’ve done has created a management procedure that combines the production and planning management with digital tools. In addition to these learnings, we provide insight on starting up a “situation room” at your headquarters or site offices, as well as on their maintentance.

Software & data

The digital infra that produces the situational data is formed from the software already in use in your organization. You get the combination of situational awareness and schedule management immediately, if you like, with the Fira Sitedrive system, and we can add other data, such as quality and conditional data, depending on what software and data communications environment is in use in your company.

Siirry tilannekuvaan

What is real-time data dashboard really like?

View an interactive dashboard for building owners

Management that produces data

Forget about paper notes and whiteboards – when the daily management is done directly with digital tools, the situational data gets updated as soon as new information is added within the software.

This construction data improves your shared and always up-to-date situational awareness. Hallway info exchanges are replaced with software-stored data which can be easily shared for all who need it in a data secure manner. This way, decisions are based on data, not guessing.

Visual big picture

Information made accessible in an easy and fast manner results in better decision-making. The data dashboards show clearly what is critical and where you should put your focus on.

Additional value is gained from personification to different roles, for example, by making different dashboard versions for the needs of HQ and company management as well as each construction site for the needs of the site managers. This way, everyone sees exactly the information that they need in their role.

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Transparent situational awareness

Dashboard content can be automatically formed from data combined from various applications and processed for visual display to make it easy to grasp the overall situation.

Thanks to the situational data, manually created reports or phone call updates on work progress are no longer needed. Delays, quality defects and the like are noticed for fixing on time, and there’s no more need for financial declaring when the project ends.

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