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Building Bonava’s takt production capabilities with Sitedrive

Author: Vieraskynä
Published: 16.5.2022

Bonava Group, one of Europe’s leading residential developers, signed an agreement with Fira to implement SItedrive schedule management software on all its sites, starting with its Finnish operations. The app was chosen due to its excellent takt production tool and the positive feedback it received out in the field. When used correctly and regularly by all involved, Sitedrive can make work smoother, help projects progress efficiently and allow takt production to move full speed ahead.

Selecting the construction manager

Bonava is a forward-thinking construction company which focuses on the construction of apartment buildings. It has operations spanning the whole value chain, from land acquisition through project development all the way to the design of new homes. The company’s focus is always on providing its customers with the very best quality and product features.

“By improving our productivity, we are able to meet our goal of creating better new homes for more people,” says Antero Nuutinen, Head of Unit for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Bonava Finland. The key areas of improvement issues include the standardizing of design solutions, raising the level of prefabricated models, streamlining processes, adding skilled resources and inspiring good partnerships.”

Antero Nuutinen
Antero Nuutinen, Head of Unit for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Bonava Finland, emphasizes that construction is a sequential process that requires smooth cooperation.

To get the most out of the new tools, it was important to first compare them and get a full idea of the benefits. Bonava selected Sitedrive to manage the site schedules based on feedback received out in the field.

“Our supervisors reported on how Sitedrive is exceptionally easy to use and visually clear. Their feedback was decisive, as the application has a direct impact on their efficiency, motivation, and the quality and safety of their work. This in turn directly influences the level of customer satisfaction and our competitiveness,” Nuutinen continues.

In construction, everything starts with design—namely architecture, structural engineering and construction technology solutions. Successful scheduling is a key feature when it comes to production planning. This is aided by takt production, where the building is divided into takt areas, and the work sequences are chopped into small entities, scheduled to move from takt area to another in the same takt time, for example, every week.

“In practice, the design becomes more accurate and any changes can be implemented without causing delays . We wanted to offer our builders the best tools, and this meant understanding which of the available applications best served our goals,” Nuutinen says.

Sitedrive keeps building contractors up to speed

During construction, shared schedules need to be constantly monitored, with contractors and subcontractors requiring an up-to-date awareness of a project’s status at any given time. The Sitedrive mobile app gives all contractors at-a-glance information on what work they need to do next, and keeps track of all work that has started and been completed. The app also serves an easy communication channel for all parties involved. Sitedrive works on both PC and mobile devices, serving stakeholders wherever information is needed. When the different parties agree upon a common schedule and commit to implementing it, production flows efficiently. This all works towards a big picture in which takt production allows for open and transparent ways of working, and enables the development of ecosystems that unite all parties.

Moving towards systematic takt production

Takt production typically begins when housing construction moves onto interior work, but it can be utilized for the whole construction process. Sitedrive helps users gradually implement takt production. The application was originally developed to enable traditional workflow scheduling and production management, and features that support takt production can be deployed in later stages. This is the case with Bonava, where Sitedrive is using all the way from training through to execution.

“As well as top-level co-training, we’ll also help our onsite construction teams familiarize with Sitedrive. We value working closely with Fira, and this will continue into the future”, Nuutinen says.

“Our agreement is a clear sign of the determined digital development of Bonava’s management. Finland is a pioneer in takt production, and we are proud to be a part of this”, says Sakari Pesonen, Sales Director at Sitedrive. 


  • Increased competitiveness: takt production shortens construction schedules by as much as 5-10% to increase cost-effectiveness
  • Reliable quality and delivery: as processes evolve, the customer experience improves accordingly
  • Smoother day-to-day operations: staff motivation increases both onsite and in the office.

About bonava

Bonava is a leading residential developer in Northern Europe which has been creating homes and neighbourhoods since the 1930s. Bonava offers apartments and single-family housing to consumers, and rental apartments to investors.

Bonava operates in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, St. Petersburg, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The Bonava share and green bond are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Bonava’s growth centers in Finland are Helsinki and its surrounding metropolitan area, as well as Tampere and Turku.

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