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EKE-Rakennus, a pioneer in construction project management, trusts Sitedrive

Author: Sari Leinonen
Published: 1.6.2022

EKE-Rakennus is a Finnish family business and a multi-skilled construction company, which was founded in 1961 and has been guided by the courage to innovate from the very beginning. In March 2022, the company decided to expand the use of Sitedrive scheduling software to all construction sites, since they had such good experiences from the pilot. EKE-Rakennus utilizes Sitedrive comprehensively in production, design control and procurement planning.

[Image above: EKE]


New tools are only useful if people also want to actually use them on site. EKE-Rakennus has found out that Sitedrive Takt has excellent usability. It works on mobile devices, the finished work is easy to mark as done, and all information about the progress of the project is passed on to all parties.

– Contractors quickly became accustomed to using Sitedrive. The difference to before is dramatic. Now, sites always know where to go, information on deviations is available quickly, and final costs are easier to predict. Based on two years of experience, I can say that Sitedrive has thought things through thoroughly and, most importantly, from the users’ point of view, says Niku Hartikainen, Production Director of EKE-Rakennus Oy.

With the help of Sitedrive, you will avoid unpleasant surprises in construction and be better able to prepare. This in turn improves cost efficiency, staff satisfaction, quality, customer satisfaction and gives competitive advances. Tight schedules are also a prerequisite for successful takt production. The theoretical and actual duration of construction is shortened when a common scheduling file is used. Also, it is not left to one person in charge of site schedules, but employees report the work done and any obstacles on their phone, and the information is immediately visible to management.


The founders of EKE-Rakennus are known as the developers of the construction project management model. In the project management model, the client and the contractor manage the design and hire designers together, but all the work is subcontracted.

– In construction, everything is connected to everything. Today, it is a matter of overlapping processes. In addition to the production running, the design processes must also be in order and one step ahead of the actual construction. In this case, for example, they know how to make purchases on time. Sitedrive helps us holistically, as it offers a common view of both the design desk and the construction site, says Hartikainen.

– EKE-Rakennus is a pioneer in the construction industry, whose partnership we are proud of. The flow of production at the construction site is central to our thinking, and it is great that the people of EKE have seen this important value of Sitedrive, continues Sakari Pesonen, Sales Director of Sitedrive Oy.


In the long run, Sitedrive produces information that benefits all parties and the industry as a whole. At the contract level, we learn, for example, what the pain points of projects are and how they could be avoided. In addition, forecasts become practice based. All of this helps people succeed better in their work.

– In an ever-changing world, there is a need for an up-to-date picture and better access to information. Construction has traditionally been a conservative industry, but players like Sitedrive are enabling change. The question is about digitalisation, Hartikainen says.

Achieved customer benefits

  • A common view for both the design desk and the construction site: smoother construction from start to finish, up to 5-10% shorter overall construction schedule.
  • Clear workflows: avoid unpleasant surprises in construction and know how to prepare better, which improves cost efficiency, staff satisfaction, quality, customer satisfaction and competitiveness.
  • Informed decisions: Utilizing data helps develop things in the right direction.

About EKE-Rakennus Oy

EKE-Rakennus builds apartments and residential areas and develops and leases business premises. The company has grown from an engineering firm focused on structural design to a major and diversified player in the construction industry.

EKE-Rakennus is a family company where entrepreneurship gives face to operations and ownership committed to long-term development.

EKE-Rakennus’ philosophy has been continuous development and renewal since its inception and therefore it is one of the most successful in its field. Read more: ekerakennus.fi

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