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Ivors Construction

Published: 31.5.2018

Sitedrive makes organizing easier

Ivors Construction is a small, local subcontractor focusing on, for example, bathroom renovations and building new houses. They find using Sitedrive very effective.

Sitedrive saves time and money

The founder of Ivors Construction, Jason Ivors, is happy with the scheduling software Sitedrive. He says that using Sitedrive saves time and, therefore, money as well.

Ivors Construction’s services include, for example, bathroom renovations, building new houses and additions, and demolition. For the past five months, the company has been working on a pipe renovation. Ivors Construction has six employees – Ivors himself has been living and working in Finland for eight years.

– All my employees are working with diverse construction for Fira Oy, Ivors says.

In construction, time is money. It is as simple as that. And using Sitedrive does save time.

Sitedrive makes organizing easier

– Using Sitedrive is very effective. Especially on sites like this, where you have something like 20 to 30 apartments being worked on at the same time. It is quite time consuming to be walking around. Instead of moving from place to place you can just basically look at your app, Ivors says.

It is easy to check from Sitedrive’s application which tasks have been done and which need to be done next. Ivors thinks that Sitedrive helps to better organize work.

– For instance, if a plumber has just finished a task, he will update Sitedrive and we will get an alert so that we know that it is time for my employees to go there, Ivors explains.

Ivors would recommend the software

Ivors would encourage everybody who is thinking about using the software to give it a try.

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