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Sitedrive takt – The digital method to improve the flow of work sites

Sitedrive Takt is a purpose-made digital production execution and communications solution which aims to seamless production flow. It was made by builders to builders at the site to assure it meets real-life needs. Sitedrive Takt helps you to even halve production lead times and improve the production quality.

This is how you reduce your site’s production time by 20%

Sitedrive Takt is production booster in your pocket. It is a mobile app that you can use to design the flow of worksite, communicate with worksite and manage projects from anywhere.
Creating, following and editing takt areas can easily be done with a phone.
You can easily get the view of the hourly-, daily-, weekly- and monthly work ques from all work sites. We make the successful implementation of takt possible with comprehensive training-, deployment- and consulting services in co-operation with our experienced partners.

ease of use

Designed for everyone  –  Create a TAKT schedule in an hour


Enable flow with work package tasks


Create visibility by managing exceptions and tasks efficiently

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takt production in brief

Takt production is a building production method known from factories, based on the Lean philosophy. The building is divided into takt areas and the work sequences, chopped into small entities, are scheduled to move from takt area to another in the same takt time, for example, every week.

The project as a whole is looked at from the viewpoint of construction flow, not only resource efficiency. This results in clarity on the site and less wasted work time, and the building gets built both faster and in better quality.

Why should
I use Takt?

Managing construction sites is broken. Because of a casting defect constructions sites waste materials, money and human resources on daily basis. The answer to this problem is takt. It is a production method based on the Lean philosophy, in which the flow of construction is improved by designing the unit into smaller batch sizes and work packages of the same duration. When tasks take the same amount of time, the project gets more predictable, fluid, and easier to manage. Ideally, the entire production and logistics of the project will proceed at the same pace. Takt production is based on standardization, the reduction of batch sizes and the management of a transparent overall picture.

Changing the operating model requires functioning tools

Takt as an operating model is still new to the construction industry.
Nevertheless it is the first and the most logical step towards managing the bigger picture of construction. But change requires two things; a new way of thinking and functioning tools.
That is why we developed Sitedrive Takt with Skanska.

Help with change

Defining the operating model

Takt is only one part of the company’s operating model. We are happy to help with designing a new way of operating that gets the most out of takt.

of change

Implementing change to busy worksites is not an easy job. We have years of experience in changing operating models systematically and bracingly.

we offer

Training takt or any other new practices is more than just deploying a new system. We offer ready-made training packages for implementing Sitedrive-, takt or for example lean principles.

our customers that have succeeded with sitedrive takt

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A trusted choice for professional builders

Sitedrive is used by over 2000 professionals in the Nordic countries and increasingly also in other countries.