Improving flow is improving construction scheduling maturity.

Improving flow is improving construction scheduling maturity.

We offer services for the entire journey from todays project management to the industrial construction of the future based on our maturity model.

We get started the same way with each customer:

Assess the scheduling maturity of our customers operations and set goals together based on our assessment.

Facilitate change management, train, coach and implement because improving flow is our business, and software alone won’t cut it.

Implement adjusted operating model for customers and create a roadmap for improved flow, working up towards TAKT management.

Key aspects of our service

Key activities

Improving flow is based on standardized schedule management. All of our services are based on the idea of repeating key activities.

Management tool

We provide best practices and templates for managing the site efficiently and in a way that ensures the key activities are done.


We provide training and coaching in the use of Sitedrive software, but more importantly on scheduling methodologies such as Gantt-, Line of Balance- and TAKT management, as well as their key activities.


We measure each key activity and make the schedule process visible, manageable and easy to understand.

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