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Takt production with digital tools

Takt production

Construction takt time

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Takt production by Fira Smart

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Takt production in brief

Takt production is a building production method known from factories, based on the Lean philosophy. The building is divided into takt areas and the work sequences, chopped into small entities, are scheduled to move from takt area to another in the same takt time, for example, every week.

The project as a whole is looked at from the viewpoint of construction flow, not only resource efficiency. This results in clarity on the site and less wasted work time, and the building gets built both faster and in better quality.

Schedule planning in Sitedrive

Takt to a thousand sites

Takt production is no longer a new thing in construction – many have studied it, many sites practice it, many recognize its benefits. But why isn’t it much more wide-spread in construction projects of today than what it is in reality?

The answer may lie in the fact that although the idea is great, doing it in reality isn’t always so easy. We’ve learned it, and we want to continue developing the best practices and software based on these learnings together with the entire construction industry. That’s why we started to make the takt work in collaboration with our partners.

Skanska and Sitedrive develop takt technology of the future for the sites

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Takt comes from you – today

No tool, no matter how great it is, will do the takt for you. Building in takt requires thorough learning of the method, practical learnings with trial & error, and a whole lot of thinking, planning, cooperation and adjusting. Takt production, however, increases the amount of data to be managed, and therefore good digital tools truly come in handy.

Don’t wait around only for the future takt application to get started. You can create and manage takt schedules really well with the current Sitedrive software, starting now. Try it!

Takt production in Sitedrive browser and mobile

How about flexible takt scheduling?

All out of takt production

Takt production isn’t about working harder or at a faster pace, quite the contrary. By getting things done right the first time, you also improve quality and reduce costs.

We collected the best practices learned in the daily reality of construction sites for succeeding on takt, into a free guide so that you could get more with less. Download the takt guide today and let us know, too, if you find it helpful.

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