Sitedrive, A digital native in a non-digital industry

“Every construction site deserves to have the best support to exceed expectations.”

Data Driven Digital Transformation

Sitedrive is at the forefront of research and development in construction. We have a dedicated and motivated team, with in-depth construction experience from the field, working together with some of the leading thinkers, researchers, and doers in the industry, to provide practical and tested solutions to our customers. Our aim is to help digitalize the construction industry, one site at a time.

Empowering the construction business to change

Sitedrive was founded by Fira (a construction company) in 2016 to address the need for digital solutions to support the company’s vision to become data driven. At the time a thorough analysis of the requirements was made, and it was simply not possible to find a site centric, user friendly, fit for purpose, real-time collaboration enabling software to support in achieving the vision. Furthermore, there was the recognition that larger software vendors were not open to supporting such a change through a co-development partnership.

On April 31st 2022, after nearly 7 years of software and process development, during which time Fira was able to significantly improve its productivity, Sitedrive was spun out as a standalone software and services business.

Today we are a team of 30+ specialists, experts and enthusiasts working on supporting our construction sector customers to realize significant time (and cost) savings in projects. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers transform to industrial practices, achieved through better processes that are supported by a robust and user friendly software in real-time.

We seek to partner with those construction sector players who genuinely want to drive change and improve practices, and we warmly invite everyone with this aspiration to reach out to start to take things forward together.

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Career at Sitedrive

Cross-functionality over industries

If it takes a range of different skills to construct a building, it takes an even broader skillset to evolve the way it is done. That’s why we strongly believe in building multi-disciplinary teams, consisting of professionals with varied backgrounds and industry experience, who can both understand the way things are done and imagine how they could be done.

Passionate construction professionals

Thorough industry understanding and a drive for improvement  – our pioneering site engineers and other development gurus have solid worksite experience and a proven track record of improvements from project to project, site to site. These pioneers work closely with our customer’s sites, experimenting and gathering learnings, to ensure improvement efforts are focused on where they deliver the most value.

Software magic makers

As digitalization is our goal, our team consists of a strong mix of programmers, designers and data scientists, as well as professionals in customer experience, sales and marketing. Together we develop digital tools and worksite solutions through experimentation and data-driven design, always in close cooperation with construction sites of several construction companies.

Builders up for revolution