The Flow toolkit

Sitedrive is a visual, accessible and fast schedule management tool designed for the construction site.

Sitedrive is developed together with the professionals working on construction sites.

With Sitedrive you will successfully manage the production of a construction site, regardless of whether you are using traditional scheduling, TAKT scheduling or a bit of both. Sitedrive guides you towards managing the site in the right way, tracks the maturity of the scheduling process and points out the next key activities you should be focused on to improve flow.

Powerful master scheduling

Master scheduling is about getting the execution of a project on the right tracks. With our Gantt view, you can easily concretize the major phases of construction and set deadlines for them. Start with a rough sketch and build on the same schedule during production when you know the details.

Detailed TAKT schedule

Our Takt view makes it easy to iterate a master schedule into an actionable and clear worker level plan. The Gantt and Takt views share the same data, so your project plan will always be based on One Truth. We custom made the Takt view for use at construction sites and the UI has been field proven by major construction companies in the Nordics.

Progress tracking

See the live status of your project. The detailed schedule helps site managers and crews stay on top of their jobs and communicate their progress. The crews also love to know the status of previous work in an area they are heading next. If delays happen, they are immediately visible and easily re-scheduled.


Efficient scheduling management means reduced construction times. Our customers report up to 30% reduced construction times.

Construction scheduling management

Construction scheduling management is a crucial aspect of construction project management. It involves the planning, development, and control of a project’s timeline or schedule.

Our product is a lean construction scheduling and management tool. Our tool combines with a set of best practices, which is the key to success.

Real-time Construction scheduling directly to the field.

  • Keep teams on track with up-to-date construction schedules
  • Build digital schedule lookaheads to collaborate
  • Send, receive and document schedule updates
  • Visualize tasks, milestones and dependencies in one intuitive solution

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