Location-Based Management

Location-Based Schedules You and Your Crew Can Trust

Are you tired of chaotic construction projects where it’s unclear who does what, where, and when? Use Sitedrive to build schedules that match reality.

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Plan with Unmatched Detail

Ditch traditional floor per week planning. Sitedrive lets you plan custom zones by hour, offering unparalleled detail.

  • Higher Precision: More detailed schedules mean smoother workflows.
  • Customizable Zones: Tailor your locations to fit your exact needs.

Manage Your Project with One Unified Schedule

Say goodbye to confusion and inefficiency. With Sitedrive, you have one accurate schedule based on actual site locations. Use Gantt, Takt, or Flowline views—all are linked together thanks to Sitedrive’s space model.

  • Seamless Coordination: Everyone knows their tasks and timelines.
  • Flexible Views: Switch between different schedule views effortlessly.

 Turn complex scheduling into simple problem-solving

Turn chaos into clarity. Sitedrive makes overlapping work and waste visible during planning, so you can fix issues beforehand.

  • Simplify Scheduling: Spot and address issues early.
  • Effortless Scheduling: Create credible schedules with ease.

Tools for Continuous Improvement

Enhance your production process continuously with Sitedrive. Start with larger zones and narrow down to smaller ones for better efficiency.

  • Template Library: Quick and easy setup.
  • Step-by-Step Improvement: Identify and eliminate waste progressively.

Why Choose Sitedrive as your location-based scheduling software?

Discover what sets Sitedrive apart from competitors.

No need to map dependencies by hand

Locations are more than just names. Sitedrive’s location breakdown structure makes the dependencies between tasks self-evident as you plan. You immediately see what must be completed before the next task can be performed.

Use existing data to create accurate schedules

You can take advantage of your existing BIM and Bill of Quantities.

Use Custom Zones and Automatic Zone Creation

Go beyond traditional planning with tailored zones that suit your building style. Sitedrive also automatically generates the most common zones.

Get More Focused Information

Filter views to see only what matters most.

Schedules You and Your Crew Can Rely on

”You can’t be everywhere at once, and it’s quite time-consuming to keep walking around. With Sitedrive, you can just look at your app and see what has been done and what needs to be done. If there is a roadblock, you don’t have to go there, you can concentrate on something else.”

– Site Manager, Subcontractor

”Sitedrive is probably one of the first software that has been developed by listening to the people working in construction: site management, and other operators on construction sites.”

– Site Manager, Main Contractor

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