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Looking to increase the efficiency of your construction sites? With Sitedrive and our partner network, we’ll help you build standardized processes and schedules to manage your production more efficiently.

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Our services include

Workshop – Build the foundation for schedule management

Let’s build processes for schedule and product management together. At most construction sites, crews work in isolation without a real-time view of the site’s progress. First, we’ll analyze the current situation and identify obstacles that hinder site productivity. Then, together with your experts, we’ll develop a model to standardize your processes and increase productivity, step by step.

Starting at 10 000€

Reviewing and optimizing your site schedule

Get our help in optimizing an existing site schedule. By leveraging lean principles and industry best practices, we can typically cut down weeks – or even months – from the internal phase. We’ll work together with your crew to ensure that the unique aspects of your project are considered. Your team gets valuable training and insights for use in future projects. If, for some reason, we fail to shorten your throughput time by at least a week, you won’t be charged.

Starting at 1500€

Sitedrive implementation training

Master the art of schedule management and maximize your productivity with Sitedrive. This training combines practical, hands-on understanding of schedule management, its best practices, and tips on using Sitedrive efficiently.

Starting at 1000€

Production management training for site managers

Help your site managers and engineers become experts in schedule and production management. Using Sitedrive, we’ll train them to manage sites in a systematic manner. Traditionally, the success of a construction site has been dependent on the experience of the crew. This training begins the development of your company’s overall maturity, ensuring consistent success across all your sites.

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TAKT training

Learn how to execute takt successfully. Our training helps your company leadership, line managers, and site managers grasp takt’s benefits and how it’s best used. You’ll acquire the knowledge and tools to get started and improve your site processes continuously. Build up from weekly planning into executing at an hourly takt pace.

Starting from 1500€

Weekly sparring for production management

Get extra help for managing your site’s production. The introduction of new processes and software requires change management. Our expert works with you each week to check on your site’s progress and help tackle any problems you face. You’ll receive constructive feedback and suggestions to improve your site management skills.

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Let’s talk about developing your site’s processes. Book a meeting with our expert to map out your needs. After the meeting, we’ll present you with an offer for a tailored consultation package.

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We work closely with our partners and are looking to grow our network around the world. If you offer similar services and want to work together on mission to improve construction site productivity, send us a message and share your goals – we’ll be in touch.

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