Construction Scheduling Software

Plan, develop, and manage your construction site with our lean construction scheduling software. As user-friendly as Excel, yet significantly more powerful.


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Co-created with the leading construction companies in the Nordics to reduce construction times by 30%.

Powerful Master Scheduling

With Sitedrive’s Gantt view, you can easily concretize the major construction phases and set deadlines for them. Get your project on the right track by starting with a rough plan and adding more details as you go.

Detailed TAKT Scheduling

With the Takt view you can iterate the master schedule into an actionable and more detailed worker-level plan. All views share the same data, so your project plan is always based on single source of truth, no matter which view you are looking at. 

Advanced Progress Tracking

Check the status of your project in real-time. With the detailed schedule, site managers and crews stay on top of their jobs and can share their progress openly. Any delays and bottlenecks become clearly visible, allowing you to reschedule them and keep your project in track effortlessly.

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