Reducing Residential Apartment Building’s Interior Finishing Phase by 8 Weeks

Challenge: Unnecessary buffers extend construction projects.

Solution: Precisely Planned Takt Production using Sitedrive.

Result: Interior Finishes Completed in Just Four Weeks.

How was the interior phase of a residential apartment building compressed from the original twelve weeks to just four weeks?

“Throughput time is one of the most important metrics for managing production. This is because focusing on reducing completion time forces everything else into place. When you develop systematically, there’s no room for mistakes: you have to find ways to do things with higher quality because mistakes slow you down.”

– Eetu Heiska, Sitedrive

Challenge: Unnecessary Buffers Extend Construction Projects

In traditional construction, schedules often include a lot of empty space: buffers meant to ensure the final schedule holds despite surprises.

Flow Modules aims to streamline the interior phase production so that no extra buffer time is needed. This was also the goal in Fira’s Postiaukio T1 project.

Project specifications:

  • 7-8 floors
  • 2 staircases
  • 61 apartments
  • 3 commercial spaces
  • Residential area: 3279m²
  • Commercial area: 206m²

Solution: Precisely Planned Takt Production

The best way to a shorter completion time is through more precise planning. The successful project was based on several similar projects implemented with the Site Factory model, where the process had been repeatedly refined, tested, and standardized.

Success lies in the following elements:

Precise Planning in Advance

The original schedule was imported into Sitedrive, which quickly showed where there was room to tighten it. Tasks were listed for each apartment with four-hour accuracy. Thanks to the detailed plan, it was known right at the start who would do what, when, where, and how.

In addition to planning what to do, the method of doing it was also planned: each apartment had a room card listing the material inventory by work package.

Takt Production with a Four-Hour Pace

The interior phase was planned and executed with a four-hour takt production, where one takt area was one apartment. The schedule was designed without buffers.

Separation of Interior Work and Logistics

Installers did not fetch or search for their installation materials and tools; they were delivered to the apartment well before work began.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous learning was central to the project. In the first apartment, each work phase was reviewed, and the work performance was approved in the presence of the worker. This way, lessons were captured and mistakes minimized in subsequent apartments.

Quick Problem Resolution

Problems were identified and resolved immediately. The severity of problems decreases when they are addressed early.

Visual Management with Sitedrive

The management guided production with a tight, daily cycle using printed schedules on the wall. Through the schedule, it was clear in advance who would do what and with what methods. Clear work instructions and quality criteria were recorded for the tasks.

Logistics Planning

Logistics were planned in advance so precisely that they did not cause interruptions. Material deliveries were ensured to arrive as scheduled.

Result: Interior Phase Completed in Just Four Weeks

In the original schedule, the first apartment would have been ready 10 weeks after the start. In the version built in Sitedrive, the first apartment was completed only 1.5 weeks after the start, and this schedule was maintained.
Similarly, in the original schedule, the last apartment would have been completed 12 weeks after the start, whereas, in the new schedule, even the last apartment was confirmed ready just four weeks after the start.

interior finishes 12 week schedule
Original, 12 week schedule
Interior finishing works schedule in 4 weeks
New, 4 week schedule on Sitedrive

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