Sitedrive participates in BIM2TWIN

Sitedrive is proud to announce our participation in the BIM2TWIN consortium. In the project Sitedrive is collaborating with partners from France, Israel, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, and Denmark. The BIM2TWIN project is funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 program.

BIM2TWIN aims to build a Digital Building Twin (DBT) platform for construction management. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, the aim is to reduce lead times and costs, increase quality and safety, and reduce carbon footprint. “We are proud to be among the top-in-class partners, representing Finnish construction know-how, to work together with the other consortium members,” says Head of Concept & Partnerships Tomi Pitkäranta, a Sitedrive representative in the consortium. Together, the partners combine knowledge and experience in digital development and construction practices.

The consortium work will include experimenting on 3 pilot sites, one of which will be a Fira construction site in the capital region of Finland. “We are excited to get to see how the further development of our situational awareness technologies provide actionable insight that enables us to proactively manage the construction process,” continues Pitkäranta.

A Fira representative in BIM2TWIN, Development Manager Enni Laine, comments: “Often, the basic concept of digital building twin is the digital representation of the building “product” data. In this case, the twin will also include building process data from the duration of the construction site activities. This will be extremely valuable for analyzing and further developing our construction site practices and processes.“

The experimenting will continue for a period of two years on the pilot sites. “We’ll be sure to report on the results as the testing progresses,” Pitkäranta concludes.

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