Site meeting without prepping?

They sure can at Postipuisto, a residential building site by Fira Construction, and the responsible site manager Vili Rinne says he’s got the brand new site management dashboards to thank for. This even with the fact that they’re still under development. In practice, the dashboards support leading with data by bringing data from various different systems used on the site into clear and concise views on the wall screens in the site office break room.

”This has been so good,” says Rinne, and complements the dashboards for being much better than the average digital solutions he’s seen. ”Usually, the problem is that so many fancy systems are brought to the site and we have to spend hours to get to know them before they’re any use to us. With these dashboards, however, you take one glance and you see what the overall situation is even if you’ve never learned anything about these views before. And since we customized these with together with people from the Sitedrive team, I think the outcome is really good.”

”We have meetings by the dashboards and we see the needed information without separately preparing it beforehand.”

Even thought the on-site dashboards are still in piloting, they’ve allowed for the site management at Postipuisto to forget about collecting data from different systems, say, for weekly meetings – there’s so much information readily available on the screens. In addition to the quality, schedule and conditional data, the site really enjoys the weekly task list per contractor as it shows who’s to do what. The same list shows also any delayed tasks. ”Before this, preparing for meetings took a lot of time,” Rinne claims. ”Now, we have the meetings by the dashboard screens and we see the needed information without separately preparing it beforehand. It’s a huge time-saver.”


5 site meetings per week with a need for prepping, and with approximately 5 participants.

In our hypothesis, the data dashboards at the site office allow saving 15 minutes out of the preparation time for each site meeting by each participant:

5 meetings * 5 participants * 15 min = 375 min (about 6,3 h)

That means about 6,3 saved working hours weekly.

If the cost per working hour is 50 € / h:
6,3 h * 50 € = 315 € savings per week.

If the site duration is 15 months (60 weeks), that adds up to:
315 € * 60 weeks = 18 900 € savings during the site.

If a company has 25 sites during a year, this means:
25 sites * 18 900 € = 472 500 € savings per year.


About 15 min / person / meeting in euros:

315 € / week

18 900 € / site

472 500 € / year


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