How to Leverage Construction Data with Sitedrive: 5 Real-life Use Cases

Worksite data is the cornerstone of great construction management. Without it, making informed business decisions feels like constructing a skyscraper with a hand tool.

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Luckily for you, Sitedrive is a decision-making data goldmine. It collects important data for you to use to your advantage. Below, you’ll find five practical ways our customers are harnessing construction site data to their benefit. 👇

#1 Progress comparison: Is the project on schedule?

Starting from the foundation up, one of the best core insights Sitedrive offers is site progress. You can drill down to the readiness levels task by task – And then compare this with the original schedule and the progress from the previous week. It is easy to check from the app whether the tasks were completed as expected or if delays are jeopardising your overall timeline.

On-site, you should incorporate this into your monthly or even weekly meetings. Sitedrive helps to abandon gut feeling and instead review progress and task completion rates based on actual data. This way you can spot possible roadblocks and react to them faster.

You can also use this data to build a tailored, visual Power BI dashboard for the business and the developer to follow the progress.

#2 User activity: Is the software fully utilised?

Investing in advanced production management software like Sitedrive is exactly that – an investment. You probably have to spend a bit more money than you would on basic scheduling software, but the benefits you receive (meaning 💰💰💰) are also much, much higher.

To ensure you can reap the benefits, you should verify successful onboarding and process integration. With Sitedrive’s data, you can easily start tracking:

  • Which sites are actively using the software?
  • How extensively are the people on-site using it?
  • Are users leveraging the software as intended, ensuring comprehensive reporting and ongoing improvement for construction management?

#3 Resource efficiency: Are there enough workers on the site – and are there enough sites for the workers?

Project managers need enough on-site resources to successfully complete the project. Similarly, the business needs to keep an eye out for profitability and ensure everyone has enough work.

Sitedrive simplifies resourcing and financial management by providing insights into:

  • How much workforce is there per site?
  • If workers are fully booked or if they have idle time on their hands.

By combining this information with financial and ERP data, you can build custom reports to manage resources much more effectively.

#4 Quality assurance: Are there any pending fixes?

Quality assurance traditionally operates as a separate function. This often causes delays, as unaddressed issues get stuck on the work line waiting for correction.

Sitedrive connects time and task data to specific locations, such as individual apartments. This makes identifying pending and completed tasks straightforward. You can then link quality checks into specific tasks and locations, bringing visibility to things like:

  • Are there any pending quality checks? If yes, when and where?
  • Which spaces and work tasks have passed the inspection already?
  • Which areas are still waiting for corrections?

#5 Condition monitoring: Are the conditions of the site ideal?

Even the best-laid plans falter under adverse conditions, such as high moisture levels and low temperatures.

That is why condition monitoring is crucial for ensuring project success. With Sitedrive you can:

  • Tie condition data to your schedules and locations, checking for optimal progression conditions.
  • Monitor the work environment for safety, focusing on aspects like specific dust levels.
  • Provide evidence on maintaining dust levels within agreed standards.
condition management construction report on Sitedrive
Here’s what a real-time condition monitoring report can look like when built upon Sitedrive data.

The ultimate question: Do you need wizardry to obtain the data, or is it easily accessible?

Don’t worry—you’ll manage just fine without the former. 🧙‍♂️ Some data, like progress tracking, is already readily available through Sitedrive with just a couple of clicks. However, in some cases, you need to integrate and combine data from other sources, like finance, HR, or sales. This way you can create tailored dashboards that best serve your business.

Thanks to Sitedrive’s open API, using this data is straightforward. You can bring it directly to tools like Power BI or data warehouses to create different types of construction reports.

Investing a bit of time into making sure your data is in order is definitely worth the effort. You’ll see the benefits in both time and cost savings.

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